Bike Drive

Kavana Cooperative Bike Drive to benefit Bike Works

Sunday August 23rd 1-4PM

414 W Howe St, Seattle 98119 (Upper Queen Anne)

Time for some “Spring” cleaning! Drop off your unwanted bicycles, bike parts and bike accesories to benefit Bike Works. You will be promoting the bicycle as a vehicle for change to empower youth and build resilient communities.


Q. What sorts of bikes and bike parts, etc. can I donate to Bike Works?
A. Bicycles of any quality and in any condition, bicycle parts of any variety, bike frames, and bike accessories or gear of any type.

Bike Works is especially in need of bikes in good condition, particularly these types of bikes: 20-inch wheel BMX-style bikes, 24- and 26-inch wheel mountain bikes, Road bikes of any size, especially smaller road bikes.

Q. Can I get a receipt for a tax deduction for my bike and bike parts, etc. donation?
A. Yes! When dropping off your donations, we will offer you a receipt for your tax-deductible donation.

Q. How do I know if Bike Works will accept my donation?
A. Bike Works will accept just about everything bicycle-related!

Q. How will the bike I donate be used?
A. Bike Works says, “That depends. Donated bikes may be used as teaching tools in our youth or adult programs and then donated through a partner organization to someone in need of a bike. Bikes may be made available for the youth in our Earn-A-Bike program to earn. And bikes may be refurbished by staff or volunteers and sold in our community bike shop, with the sales revenue generated in this way funding our programming.”

Q. I have more questions.
A. Please email Ingrid or Matt.

We’re also doing a Bike-a-Thon!
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